Simple and attractive illustrations bring

new life to your business.

Loose Drawing offers commissioned production of specific illustrations

AI Discount Campaign

If you use LOOSE AI in advance and use the generated material as a reference for your illustration, we will give you

a discount of up to 20% off

the production fee.


Unlimited LOOSE AI

You can use LOOSE AI which can generate Loose Drawing style illustrations for unlimited use.

Unlimited downloads

You can download a wide variety of materials in AI Stock including LOOSE AI at no additional cost and unlimited downloads in all sizes.

Generates a variety of illustrations

Not only “LOOSE AI” but also “AI Irasutoya” and “AI Material” can generate materials.

Pro Plan

Pro Plan

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited generation
  • Customization possible

Even more useful with a Pro plan subscription!

You can generate the images and videos you want from text.

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A collaboration of Irasutoya and AI Stock! Generation of Irasutoya style from text and photos is possible

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New Illustrations

AI Picasso Inc.